The Ultimate Princess Celebration

It’s a new celebration! 

The Ultimate Princess Celebration is a year long event that will commemorate the female characters who are a large part of what Disney is all about. In the early days the princesses were strong women who overcame obstacles and ended up with the handsome prince. These days, princesses are still strong women, but they don’t always need a man by their side to overcome! (That’s my favorite thing about Frozen, true love is sisterly love.) You can learn more here about princesses from Disney Parks Blog. Below are a few of the details.

The Walt Disney Company has announced that a new, original song will be part of the celebration. It will be recorded by Brandy! The song will be released on May 21. It will be called Starting Now. Brandy will also appear in the music video, which will premier on The Disney Channel in August.

Another way that you can take part in the festivities is through Tales of Courage and Kindness. You can learn more and enjoy a free download here.

This fall there will be a new way to enjoy your favorite princesses. Disney Princess – The Concert will kick off on November 1! I’m sure that we’ll learn more about this in the coming months.

These are just a few of the ways that we can all take part in The Ultimate Princess Celebration. It looks like the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary isn’t the only thing to celebrate in the next few months!