The Holy Land Experience Free Days

The empty tomb at The Holy Land Experience 

Most attractions have reopened in Central Florida. One that has remained closed is The Holy Land Experience. Before the shutdown the live shows had been phased out, and there were rumors that the land was for sale. Since then, it’s been crickets about the Biblically-based attraction. Until now.

The Holy Land Experience is about to reopen, but it is only for two days. They will take place on Wednesday, April 28, and Thursday,  April 29. Admission and parking will be free both days.

Each year The Holy Land Experience will hold a free day because of an arrangement that was made to allow the Trinity Broadcasting Network owned attraction to hold a tax-free status. My guess is that they are holding two days because there was no free day in 2020.

There is no word on when (or if) The Holy Land Experience will reopen on a “normal” basis. Masks are required for the free days, social distancing will be observed, and attendance will be limited. I’ve visited The Holy Land Experience on a free day in the past, and it was packed. If you plan to attend this year, arrive early, and be prepared to wait.