A Quick Deal on Tickets

It’s almost like getting free Dole Whip! 

It can be hard to save money on Walt Disney World tickets, but sometimes there are deals. One site that I have recommended often is Undercover Tourist. They are not affiliated with Disney Over 50 in any way, this is not a paid endorsement. I have friends who have saved a decent amount by purchasing their tickets from Undercover Tourist. It’s worth it to sign up for their newsletter.

Undercover Tourist has a deal right now that you might want to take advantage of if you plan to head to Walt Disney World soon. You can save $10 on select tickets. I know that $10 won’t make or break your vacation, but it will buy you a couple of Dole Whips!

The thing about this deal is that it lasts only through April 6, so you need to make your decision right away. I’m not going to try to explain the current offers, you can see them for yourself here. Undercover Tourist is an authorized Walt Disney World Ticket Seller, and they have tickets for other area attractions as well. If you’re looking for a great resource, this is the place to start.