Disney Cruise Line to Sail This Summer…But With a Catch

Captain Mickey will soon sail again! 

Walt Disney World reopened last July. The Disneyland theme parks will reopen on April 30. Disney+ is hotter than ever, and movies are finally finding their way back into theaters. While this is all great news, Disney Cruise Line has been canceling cruises for over a year. Passengers will soon be able to cruise once again, but there is a catch.

If you want to take a Disney Cruise Line vacation this summer, you will not be able to sail from the United States. Instead, you’ll need to head to the United Kingdom. Disney will soon be offering several “staycations” from British ports.

The staycations will last two, three, or four nights. They will not dock at any port. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy all the ship has to offer while at sea. There will be plenty of characters, entertainment, and of course the incredible food that Disney Cruise Line is known for. On the two Disney cruises that I’ve been lucky enough to go on the “at sea” days were my favorite, so this sounds like a dream come true!

Cruises will be on the Disney Magic. The dates and pricing have not yet been released. Disney promises that the health and safety of all those on board will be the top priority, and I don’t doubt it. If you’d like to learn more, you can find the information so far here.