Sunday Savings Series: Leaving for Food

My current favorite quick service meal

I’ve mentioned leaving the parks for food here in the past. I never think that it is a good idea. It’s true that you can save money if you head to a local Taco Bell, but sometimes it’s about more than just saving a few dollars.

There is a reason why I am bringing this up again. Right now all four theme parks have shortened hours, and they are going to be even shorter after Labor Day. If you decide to head out to Burger King, you will miss precious time, even if you order and pay through the Burger King app.

I have two suggestions if you want to save on food. The first one hasn’t changed. Walt Disney World allows you to carry food into the parks with you, so do it! Pack bagels for breakfast or make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. Ask for a cup of ice water and you will have saved money without losing time.

My second suggestion will allow you to still visit your favorite fast food restaurant. Just do it late. Carry snacks and something for lunch into the park with you so that you won’t be hungry throughout the day. Spend the day enjoying yourself. Once the day is done (or you’re done, whichever comes first) head out to get something to eat. If you don’t have a car, check with the local delivery services to see what is available. With the parks closing earlier, you can still get everything done and save money.

I still want to encourage you, though, to have at least one meal in a Walt Disney World restaurant, especially one that has a theme. That’s part of the whole Walt Disney World vacation experience. You can split a meal or skip dessert if you’re trying to save money. Find a restaurant that has something you can’t find at home (I recommend Satu’li Canteen, that’s my current favorite quick service restaurant) and enjoy! If you’ve saved money elsewhere, one splurge should not break your budget.