“The Disney Rash”

The Florida sun can be brutal 

Central Florida can have hot weather, no matter when you visit. If you are here in the summer, you know that it will be hot and humid. Some people end up with what is known as “The Disney Rash”. I am by no means giving any medical advice here, I just want to tell you a little bit about it.

The Disney Rash is really just heat rash that you get at Disney. It has nothing to do with Disney in any way, shape, or form. It is not something that is exclusive to Disney, and it is not something that is caused by Disney.

Heat rash is a “prickly” feeling rash. It is characterized by tiny bumps and red skin. It is more common when the humidity is high, and it can be worse in areas of the body that had cloth on them that got sweaty.

If you end up with The Disney Rash, it may be uncomfortable, but it is usually not something that is serious. Spend some time in an air conditioned room. Take a cool shower. Put an ice pack on the area. You might also want to use something such as calamine lotion. Do not put an oil based product on it. Of course, if the rash is serious or really bothering you, see a doctor. If you are at Walt Disney World, stop by First Aid in any of the theme parks.

There are also a few steps that you can take that might help you to avoid The Disney Rash. Dress in loose fitting clothing. Take breaks in the middle of the day. Avoid the sun when possible. Drink plenty of water. Doing these things will not guarantee that you won’t end up with The Disney Rash, but they are smart to do anyway, especially in hot weather.

Once again, this is not meant as medical advice. If you have questions, talk to a medical professional. I just wanted you to be aware that “The Disney Rash” is a real thing.