A Galaxy’s Edge Rumor That You Might Want to Know About

The mural is gone!

We are one month away from the opening day for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The wall with the Millennium Falcon on it has been replaced with a temporary wall. Cast Member Previews are about to start, and Passholder Previews will soon follow. I’m getting excited! I’ve been a Star Wars fan since the beginning, and having this in my backyard is a dream come true. There is a rumor that I have heard a few times that you might want to know about. The rumor is important because it has to do with crowd control.

Here’s how it looks now

There are two main paths that will lead to Galaxy’s Edge. One of them is at the end of Grand Avenue. You walk past Muppet*Vision 3D on your left, and just keep going forward. There is plenty of open space in the area, and it’s obvious that it has been kept that way for crowd control. The second path is in the back of Toy Story Land. It’s where the wall that currently looks like packing boxes is, past Alien Swirling Saucers. There will be a third entrance/exit, but that will be for the Star Was hotel, not general park guests. It will also not be operational on opening day.

Another angle

The rumor states that the Grand Avenue path will be the only entrance to Galaxy’s Edge, and the Toy Story Land path will be the only exit. According to this rumor, that will be the exclusive flow of traffic, you will not be able to stray from it.

The Toy Story Land entrance

As far as entering the new land is concerned, Grand Avenue makes a lot of sense. There is plenty of room, and if the front gate lets people in early they will be able to wait comfortably. I think that it is a good idea. My concern is about when exiting through Toy Story Land. That is already the most crowded area of the park, and it will make it that much worse. Andy has a backyard that is long and narrow, which adds to the congestion. If that is going to be the only way out, it is about to get even busier.

If you zoom in you can see the handle

Of course if this is true it will make things convenient for those who are taking advantage of Extra, Extra Magic Hours. They will be able to visit Galaxy’s Edge first thing, and then when they are done they can hit Toy Story Land before the crowds arrive. If you’re in that category, try to make your Slinky Dog Dash FastPass+ reservation for the first hour of the day. You’ll be right there, and you will also be able to experience Toy Story Land before the heat of the day and the sun take over.

The top of the Grand Avenue entrance, above the wall

I have no doubt that Disney will monitor the situation and adjust things accordingly. It could be that they will eventually allow entrance and exit through Grand Avenue, and only exit through Toy Story Land. They could allow both from either entrance. As I said, this is only a rumor. I’ll keep you informed. If I have to spend some extra time in Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu to get information for the Disney Over 50 readers, I’ll make the sacrifice.