Looking for 4th of July Fireworks? Part Two – Other Area Theme Parks

Fireworks at Busch Gardens

Walt Disney World isn’t the only place in the Orlando area where you can see fireworks on the 4th of July. At Universal Orlando Resort, the celebration will take place July 4 through 6. At 9:00 all three evenings you can catch Universal Orlando’s Cinematic Celebration. It’s a celebration of movies, and it includes fireworks.

SeaWorld Orlando also has a great fireworks display each year on Independence Day. They will take place at 10:00. You can purchase a package that includes reserved seating for their nighttime show, Electric Ocean, and you will also be able to watch the fireworks in a reserved viewing area.

If you don’t mind making the drive to Tampa, you might want to watch the fireworks at Busch Gardens. There the evening starts with a dance party, and then the fireworks will take place at 9:30. The park will have fireworks on July 5 through 7 as well.

At LEGOLAND Florida they will celebrate on July 4, 5, and 6. You will be able to help make a giant United States Flag out of LEGOS. There will then be fireworks known as Red, White, and Boom. The sky will be filled with LEGO bricks, it promises to be quite the show.