Sunday Savings Series: Souvenirs Outside of the Parks

You’ll see similar signs everywhere near the theme parks! 

If you’re like most people, you are going to want to pick up some reminders of your trip. Souvenirs within the parks are great, but they are also expensive. If you have access to transportation, you might think that heading to a local gift shop will be the solution. You can purchase many great things outside of the parks, but be careful.

You won’t get far from Walt Disney World before you see gift shops. There are plenty to choose from! Many of them will claim on the signs that they have T-shirts and mugs for fantastic prices. Sometimes those prices come with a catch. The items that are available for those prices are often odd sizes or have slight flaws. That isn’t saying that you shouldn’t buy them, just look the item over well before you make up your mind.

Sometimes there will be a great deal if you buy a certain number. This is another place where you need to pay attention. The sign could say something like “T-shirts four for $10”. Make sure you read the entire sign if you aren’t buying four, because often in very small print there will be something along the lines of “or $3.50 each”. Know what you’re paying before you check out.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying bargain items is quality. You need to wonder just why you are getting such a good deal. I bought a discount T-shirt in California a couple of years ago and took very good care of it. The decal still came off after a few months. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised.

Most of the stores that are close to Walt Disney World have fairly large displays of Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel merchandise. You can find it at Target, Walmart, Publix, and at plenty of other places. You won’t find a four for $10 T-shirt sale, but the quality is good and you will pay less than if shopping in the parks.

If it’s official Walt Disney World souvenirs that you want, consider visiting one of two Disney Character Warehouses. One is located at 4951 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. The second is at 8200 Vineland Avenue, Orlando, FL 32821. The Character Warehouses are nice because you never know what you will find. The stores sell merchandise that was overstocked, or things from past events. What is for sale inside the stores will vary each trip, but there are usually plenty of T-shirts, as well as items like MagicBands, Mickey ears, plush characters, mugs, and other fun souvenirs. The prices are usually at a discount of fifty percent or more than the original price in the parks. If you’ve never been and you have the time during your vacation, either location is worth the trip. You just might be surprised by what you discover.