The Sounds and Sights of Summer

A rainbow is one of the sights of summer 

As I write this, I hear thunder in the distance. It is also sunny outside. That can mean only one thing, summer has arrived here in Central Florida!

Summer weather here is weird. We’ll get a thunderstorm almost every day. These storms are intense, but they will usually move out just as quickly as they moved in. They’re annoying, but if you’re prepared for it the storm shouldn’t put too much of a damper (pun intended) on your day.

Another strange rain phenomenon that we experience in Central Florida is The Lone Rain Cloud. I’m sure that there is a scientific name for it, but that’s what I’m going to call it. The sky can be mostly blue, then one small cloud shows up, rains on you, and then takes off. I’ve seen these clouds rain for literally seconds. It’s annoying, but again it shouldn’t be enough to change your plans for the day.

One thing that is actually fascinating to me as far as local weather is concerned is that I can often see the rain line. I will see the rain in the distance, but it isn’t raining where I am. Usually that rain is moving towards me, so hopefully I’m not standing outside while watching it.

Florida may be the Sunshine State, but it rains a lot here during the summer months. Most of the time the storms will move quickly. They might shut down the outside rides at Walt Disney World, but it’s rare that those will be closed for too long. Don’t let the thought of storms ruin your vacation. Throw some cheap ponchos into your bag, and be aware of your surroundings so that you’ll know where you can go for shelter if you need it. The sights and sounds of summer are upon us, and remember that one of those sights is often a rainbow at the end of the storm.