Is Bongos Cuban Cafe Closing?

Bongos is indeed closing 

There are reports that Bongos Cuban Cafe is going to be closing at Disney Springs. According to the Orlando Sentinel, owner Gloria Estefan has confirmed that the restaurant and the walkup location will both close this August. The article states that a new restaurant, Estefan Kitchen, will later open at nearby Margaritaville Orlando Resort. Bongos has called Disney Springs (and its former names) home for 22 years.

While I don’t doubt for a moment that the restaurant is closing, someone needs to let Disney know! I played around with dates a little bit on the Walt Disney World website, and I had no problem getting a reservation six months out. If you’re planning a trip after this summer and want to eat at Bongos, make sure you have a second choice.

There’s a little bit of behind the scenes information that I was able to find out. Bongos is indeed going to close. Gloria Estefan was ready to let the world know, but Disney wasn’t ready. She jumped the gun on the announcement. So even though the closure has not been officially announced, file this one as fact instead of rumor. I trust the person who told me. The closing date is still in question. If you love Bongos, check out Estefan Kitchen once it opens. It’s supposed to have the same menu and even staff.