Sunday Savings Series: Tables in Wonderland

Restaurantosaurus offers a discount to Tables in Wonderland members, but not Annual Passholders 

Tables in Wonderland is a program that will give you discounts at over 100 restaurants at Walt Disney World. The discount is substantial, it’s 20 percent for not only the member, but also for up to nine other people. Unlike other discounts, this includes your alcohol purchases at participating restaurants. Sounds great, right? It can be, but there is not one, but two catches that you will need to keep in mind.

The first catch is a pretty big one. You need to be a Florida Resident, Annual Passholder, or Disney Vacation Club member in order to qualify for Tables in Wonderland. This is one instance where buying one Annual Pass for your family might make good financial sense. With Tables in Wonderland, you’ll be eligible for discounts at plenty of restaurants that do not offer a discount to Annual Passholders. There are a few restaurants that offer Annual Passholder discounts, but not Tables in Wonderland. Either way, you’re covered if you have both.

The second catch is also pretty big. Tables in Wonderland is not cheap. Florida Residents will pay $175 for a one year membership, while Annual Passholders and DVC Members will pay $150. If you’re a member and would like to purchase a card for your spouse, that will cost $50. While it might seem frivolous to purchase an additional membership for your spouse, that will then double the number of people who can receive the discount if you’re dining together, so it might make sense if you’re visiting with a large group. It will also mean that you do not need to dine together at all times. A member needs to be present to receive the discount, just being linked on My Disney Experience won’t work.

One benefit to purchasing Tables in Wonderland is the number of restaurants where you can use your card. You can see the full list here. The Passholder discounts for dining tend to be slim in the theme parks, so it’s nice to have more options. Another thing to keep in mind is that the Tables in Wonderland discount is 20 percent, while with the Annual Pass it is usually ten. Who doesn’t want to save twice as much money?

Only you can decide whether or not Tables in Wonderland makes good financial sense for you and yours. Some people save money with the discount on alcohol alone. Others like the special classes that are offered to Tables in Wonderland members for an additional fee. You can learn more information here, or call 407-566-5858.