Grapefruit Garage Is Open at Disney Springs

That’s a lot of stairs! (You don’t have to take them.)

Not all that long ago parking at Disney Springs was challenging, to say the least. Some of the surface parking was sacrificed for the transition from Downtown Disney to Disney Springs, and finding a parking space was a nightmare. We knew that the situation was temporary, because Disney was building two parking garages. It didn’t stop with just the Orange and Lime garages, though. A third citrus-named garage has now opened, the Grapefruit Garage. It also is convenient for some of the Disney Springs area hotels, but those were not my destination. The new garage is located next to the Disney Springs Hess Station.

There are plenty of signs in the garage to let you know which way to go

I prefer to park in the Orange Garage over the Lime for no real reason in particular. On a recent trip to Disney Springs, I decided to drive past Orange to check out the new garage for anyone who might read this. You can thank me for my sacrifice later.

Walking through the pedestrian walkway

If Disney Springs is your destination, the Grapefruit Garage is the farthest garage in terms of walking. It is actually across the street. There is a pedestrian walkway that you will take to cross Buena Vista Drive. It’s not a big deal. The walkway is covered, and the view is kind of nice.

Not a bad view

With the Orange and Lime Garages, you will drive up a ramp and pull into the garage on the third level. That is not the case with the Grapefruit Garage. You will pull in on the first level, and then travel up from there. There are five levels total, with about 2,000 parking spaces.

You can see the garage in the distance if standing next to the 4 Rivers Food Truck

There is another major difference between the Grapefruit Garage and the other two. The walkway is on Level Three, so that is where you will need to head once you’ve parked. It is also the level that you will go to when you’re leaving Disney Springs. With the Lime and Orange Garages, you’ll exit at Level Two, not Three.

The Grapefruit Garage is convenient for some of the hotel as well

Once you’ve crossed the pedestrian walkway, just follow the crosswalk and sidewalk to Disney Springs. You’ll end up in Marketplace, near the end of the World of Disney building. It’s also near the 4 Rivers Food Truck. Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop will be on the other side. Although the Grapefruit Garage is probably the longest walk to parking at Disney Springs, it is still not too far.

The green lights let you know that a space is open

Driving out of the Grapefruit Garage was interesting. I followed the exit signs, which had me loop around. At one point I reentered the garage, and then after exiting for the second time I drove past some of the surface parking lots. I don’t think that I did anything wrong, I think it just winds around.

The walkway from the street

With so many great things coming to Walt Disney World, we are soon going to have a record number of visitors. Disney Springs is popular with both tourists and locals. I think that the Grapefruit Garage will get a lot of use. It’s nice that there is another free parking option that will keep your car out of the hot Florida sun.