Opening Date Announced for NBA Experience

We now have a date! 

We now know when the NBA Experience will open at Disney Springs. Drum roll please (my daughter is a drummer so just pretend that you hear her) the opening date will be August 12, 2019!

NBA Experience is going to be located in the West Side section of Disney Springs, across from House of Blues. It is taking the place of DisneyQuest. One ticket will allow you to experience all 13 elements inside.

When you enter, you will walk through a tunnel that is made to feel like a players’ tunnel in the NBA or WNBA. You will hear the roar of the crowd. The activities will include chances to test your shooting skills, a slam dunk challenge, and ways to see how you stack up against current NBA players. Some of the activities will be customized with your name or your favorite team.

It sounds to me like the NBA Experience is going to be a great place to spend part of a day off from the parks, or a nice place to visit on a rainy day. If the crowd patterns are anything like we saw for DisneyQuest, you will want to visit when it first opens for the day. When I hear more about hours and costs, I’ll let you know.