The Ever Changing Menus at Walt Disney World

Sunshine Day Cafe has a different menu each time it opens

One thing that I have recommended for years is that you check the menus ahead of time if you’re planning a Walt Disney World vacation. While I will continue to recommend that you do that, there is one thing that I want to warn you about. Menus can and do change at Walt Disney World. While the information on the Walt Disney World website is usually pretty accurate, sometimes changes will slip through the cracks. You might see something on the menu on Monday, only to discover on Tuesday that it is no longer on the menu.

There are a few reasons why the menus change. If a menu item is proving to not be popular, it will often be removed. Some of the signature restaurants are famous for using fresh ingredients, so that will change a menu. A menu change can also mean a new theme for the restaurant. Some restaurants are also seasonal, so the menu will change, depending on why it is open.

If there is an item that you wanted to try but it is not on the menu, ask if it is still available. If they have the ingredients in the kitchen, they just might make it for you. If you can’t get it, see if there is something similar instead.

Sometimes Disney will pull an item, not realizing just how many people loved it. Remember, Disney will listen to your voice. Send them an email, stating that you wish that the item was still available. I know of a couple of dishes that were pulled that are now back because guests spoke up.

It’s still a good idea to read the menus ahead of time, especially as your trip grows closer. Chances are, what you see on the menu will still be there once you arrive. If it isn’t, that doesn’t mean that your trip is ruined. You’re at the most magical place on Earth. One disappointment should not ruin your entire vacation.