Two New Eateries by José Andrés Are About to Open

The walls are down! 

There will soon be two new places to grab something to eat at Disney Springs. Both of them feature the dishes of José Andrés. They are set to open on Sunday, March 17.

The first new restaurant is set to be a signature experience. Jaleo by José Andrés actually dates back to Washington, D.C. in 1993, but this will be the first location in Florida (there are four other locations). Jaleo will feature the flavors of Spain, many served tapas style. Some of the dishes will be Croquetas de pollo (chicken fritters), Tortilla de patatas clásica (a classic Spanish omelette), and authentic paellas. Those will be cooked over a wood-fired paella pit.

2018, 2019, close enough…

Near Jaleo you will find Pepe by José Andrés. In Washington, D.C. Pepe is a food truck, but at Disney Springs it will be a permanent location. Pepe will feature both hot and cold sandwiches. The menu will include Pollo Frito (chicken) and Bocata de Vegetales (veggie) sandwiches.

Pepe will count as a counter service credit on the Disney Dining Plan, while the plan will not be accepted at Jaleo (but that could possibly change in the future). With so many new choices over the past couple of years, Disney Springs is rivaling World Showcase for international food choices!