Facebook, Instagram, and Disney Over 50

The wrong kind of Frozen… 

Yesterday (March 13, 2019) was not a great day in the world of social media. Both Facebook and Instagram experienced major problems, sometimes crashing. It was hard to post, newsfeeds were not updating, and there was an air of total frustration. For a small site like Disney Over 50, that can have real consequences. Most of the page views that I receive are from one of the two social media sites, so not being able to keep things up to date showed in my numbers for the day.

That said, I’m not all about numbers. I’m about providing anyone who finds my site quality tips, information, and insights. I love to write about Walt Disney World, and since I live just a few miles away I’m in a unique place where I can easily find things to share with you guys. I also post a bit about other area attractions, Disney Cruise Line, and occasionally Disneyland, but my main focus is Walt Disney World.

I try to post on Disney Over 50 twice a day. I like to post a “Ten Second Tip” in the morning, and a longer post (like this one) later in the day. I’ll also add links to older articles on Facebook. Just because they were written a few months ago does not mean that the information is no longer important!

The next time that there are problems with Facebook and/or Instagram (because there will be a next time), I hope that you don’t forget about me. Just head directly to DisneyOver50.com. I have a post on top that is an introduction, and then the newest posts will be right under that. It’s easy to navigate. If you’re looking for something specific, there’s a search bar. It’s on the top right under the picture on desktop or laptop, and near the bottom on mobile.

As always, if there is something that you would like me to touch upon, just ask. If you can’t reach me through Facebook or Instagram because they’re down again, the contact me link is found at the very bottom of the page. Some of my articles have been because of questions or suggestions from you guys, and others are because someone gave me an idea. I want to write about what is important to you. And Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I love to write about Galaxy’s Edge.