Another Type of Sneak Peek Into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

We’ll soon have a new way to peek behind this wall! Sort of…

If you’ve read even a portion of what I have written here, or if you have checked on the Disney Over 50 Facebook and Instagram pages, you might have figured out that I’m slightly excited about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I’ve been looking for any little bit of information or hint about the new land that Disney will give to us. There will soon be a new way to find out a bit about the area, and it is from a different source.

Starting in April, a new Marvel comic series is being released. It will take you to the planet of Batuu and the area known as Black Spire Outpost. In the series, we’ll meet Dok-Ondar, who, according to, is an “Ithorian collector of rare antiquities”. We will learn about how the First Order found the outpost, and there could even be a tie in to Han Solo and Chewbacca!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be a miniseries with five episodes. Ethan Sacks is the writer, and Will Sliney the illustrator. If I hear an exact publication date I’ll let you know.