My Top Pick for 2018

Look at that face! 

When I look back on 2018, there is one thing that stands out clearly in my mind as the best of the best at Walt Disney World. Without a doubt, my favorite new thing at Walt Disney World this past year was Slinky Dog Dash. I love all of Toy Story Land, but it’s crowded and it can be hot. Still, whenever I’m at Disney’s Hollywood Studios I will make my way over there so I can watch Slinky Dog for a little while. It’s fun to see him ride along the track.

Slinky Dog Dash isn’t about big hills 

I am not a roller coaster fan. I hate big drops, I have ever since I was a child and rode a roller coaster that I wasn’t ready for. (My poor dad, but that’s a story for another day.) I do like going fast on a ride, though. Slinky Dog Dash is the perfect ride for someone like me, who likes the thrills but hates the hills. There’s just enough of a thrill for the ride to be exciting, but it isn’t so much that I never want to ride again. There are a couple of drops, but nothing drastic.

There’s this hill, but it’s not bad 

Slinky Dog Dash is also the cutest roller coaster in the world. There is something special about that face! The queue is also great, and I love seeing Jessie and Rex. Unlike Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, the seats are comfortable. There is also no bad place to ride. I prefer the back row, but as long as I get to ride I’m happy. I also prefer to sit on the right side, because that’s where you can get a better glimpse into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Rex got dressed up for the holidays 

Since I’m local, it is rare that I will wait in a long line for a ride. When headed to a park, we will either get FastPass+ or skip most rides. I’ll wait in line for Slinky Dog Dash. It’s that good.