I’ll always use hand sanitizer after the finger scan 

Even though Walt Disney World is “the most magical place on Earth” that does not mean that it isn’t filled with germs. That’s one thing that the magic can’t keep away. Walt Disney World is a very germy place. People visit from all over the world, and they bring their area’s crud with them. That means that you could be exposed to a cold that is not yet making the rounds where you live. There are some practical things that you can do to keep from getting sick.

My number one piece of advice is to pack hand sanitizer! I use it constantly. I’ll use it after the finger scan, which I am convinced is one of the germiest things that you can touch. I’ll use it after opening a door, and when getting off of a ride. You can buy a small container of hand sanitizer that is small enough for TSA if you’re flying, and they also sell containers in the parks. Last cold and flu season they had Purell dispensers all over Walt Disney World, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen one. I hope they bring them back soon!

Another obvious suggestion is to wash your hands often. Make sure the kids do the same. This is the best way to take care of yourself if you’ve come into contact with germs that can make you sick.

Finally, consider buying travel insurance, so you can change your plans if someone gets sick. Last week in church there was a family with a daughter who was probably about 15. She was coughing, sneezing, and sweating, and she looked like she just wanted to go to sleep. The family was all wearing MagicBands. They should have changed their plans, or at least let their daughter skip church. I’m pretty sure that God would have understood.

You can’t avoid coming into contact with germs while at Walt Disney World, but you can take measures to avoid getting sick. Be smart, use your common sense, and take care of yourself. Most importantly, don’t stress too much about the possibility of getting sick. You’re on vacation, so enjoy it.