More News for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Wonderful World of Animation; courtesy of Disney Parks Blog

Yesterday I shared with you some news about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the names of the two rides. That’s not all the news concerning Disney’s Hollywood Studios that has been released!

Is Disney Movie Magic going to fly away?

A new nighttime show is coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It will be called Wonderful World of Animation, and it will be a projection show that will take guests through 90 years of animation. Although this was not part of the announcement, it’s expected that it will take the place of Disney Movie Magic. That’s a ten minute projection show that takes you through the history of cinema. Wonderful World of Animation will debut in May.

The ride is expected to open “in about a year”

We also have news about Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway. According to several reports, Bob Chapek, who is Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products, has announced that it will open “in about a year”. That means that the first ride based on Mickey and Minnie will open next fall at the park.

It’s no longer “late fall”!

One other thing about Disney’s Hollywood Studios that isn’t really news, it’s just something that I noticed today. If you go to the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge page on the Walt Disney World website, there is a change that I saw immediately. I’m not talking about the names of the rides. The new land is now listed as “Opening in Fall 2019”. It was always “late fall”. What that means, I don’t know. It might not mean anything, but it’s nice to think that maybe construction is ahead of schedule. Disney doesn’t do anything by accident, especially something this big. It’s funny how the omission of one word can make such a difference, at least in my mind.