What Do YOU Want to See?

I tend to talk a lot about Star Wars…

I started Disney Over 50 because I have a love for Walt Disney World. My vision for Disney Over 50 is a little bit different. I want it to be a place where I can share stories, news, ideas, information, and helpful tips. Since I live just a few miles from Walt Disney World I can drop everything and head to the parks on a moment’s notice when I feel like it. I also like the idea of targeting people who are not necessarily the “normal” Disney crowd. Many of the Disney fan sites are written with families and young children in mind. I want the information here to be valuable to all, but I’m also hoping that people who are “29 and holding” like I am will be able to relate.

Another thing that I love about writing here is that I can share my Star Wars obsession with others who have loved it from the beginning. There is something special about being part of the generation who remembers how exciting it was to see this phenomenon take over and change the way that movies are made.

My question is this; what do YOU want to see from this site? I’m open to suggestions, and willing to check things out if there is something that you want more information about. I’ve done it for others, I would love to do the same thing for you. Questions and comments are welcome as well.

I’m easy to find. You can use the contact form here, or send me a message through either Facebook or Instagram. I want to make this a site that you look forward to checking. You might also find me at Walt Disney World. I’ll be the one wearing a Star Wars t-shirt…