Fall Weather in Central Florida

What’s the fall weather like at Walt Disney World? 

“Fall weather” is kind of a strange term here in Central Florida. Remember, this is a place where we shoot paper leaves out of a box to celebrate Oktoberfest, and then it’s soap bubbles out of a different box when it gets closer to Christmas. I grew up in New England, and even though we’ve lived in Florida for several years now it’s still strange to me that I can be wearing shorts and have my hair up in a ponytail just days before Halloween.

One question I hear fairly often is “What’s the weather like in the fall at Walt Disney World?” There is really no simple answer to that question. Hurricane Season runs through November 30, and the peak is considered September 10, so that is something to keep in mind. Aside from hurricanes, the weather is all over the place.

Early fall is usually still hot, humid, and there could be a lot of rain. By now (October 26 as I write this) the rain has mostly moved out, and we’re into what many people call the “Fall Pattern”. It’s still warm during the day, but the nights start to cool off a little bit. There could still be a few passing showers, and it may or may not be humid.

Once we reach November, there’s no such thing as normal. I remember our first Thanksgiving here was hot! By Christmas the temperatures had taken a nosedive, and I had to find our winter jackets. I had packed them away, because I had wrongly assumed that we would never need them in Florida. Other Thanksgivings since have been more comfortable.

If you hear the words “cold front” associated with weather at Walt Disney World at this time of year, you don’t necessarily need to pack your parka. A cold front around here can be a very good thing. It will usually mean lower humidity and comfortable temperatures.

No matter what time of year you plan to visit, you need to keep an eye on the extended forecast. That will give you some idea of what to pack, and what the temperatures could be like. Don’t forget your bathing suit, swimming year round is a thing here in Florida. The Walt Disney World pools are heated, so the water will be comfortable, even during a “cold front”. Throw a sweater or sweatshirt into your suitcase, just in case you need it during the evening. Disney sells a lot of sweatshirts in the late fall because people didn’t think that it would be cool enough for one. Then again, a Disney sweatshirt is a great souvenir.