An Update on Minnie Vans

Minnie Vans are convenient and easy to useĀ 

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about Minnie Vans; those red vehicles with white polka dots that are now seen everywhere on Walt Disney World property. There have been a couple of updates, so here is the latest information.

Minnie Vans no longer charge a flat fee. You will now be charged based on the length of the trip. Overall this is probably a good thing, since the flat fee of $25 was a bit pricey for shorter rides.

If you are flying in or out of Orlando International Airport and do not want to use Disney’s Magical Express, you can take a Minnie Van instead. The reservation for this can’t be made on the Lyft App. Instead, call 407-WDW-PLAY (407-939-7529). It’s probably a good idea to make arrangements as far in advance as possible. Minnie Vans traveling to the airport operate from 7:00am until midnight, and some time restrictions apply. Three car seats are available for the trip, and the van can carry up to six passengers. I’ve read several reports that the trip costs $150 one way (per van, not per person) but that is unconfirmed by Disney.

There is also a strong rumor that the Minnie Van service will eventually expand to Port Canaveral for those who plan to combine a cruise and a few days at Walt Disney World. If and when I find out more information on this I will let you know.

Remember that Minnie Vans are available only to those who are staying on Walt Disney World property. Except for the rides to and from Orlando International Airport, the Lyft App is used. Minnie Van drivers are Cast Members, they are not employed by Lyft.