Is Toy Story Land a Game Changer?


For the past couple of years some people have complained that there wasn’t enough to do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Then, on June 30, Toy Story Land opened. Is Toy Story Land a game changer? Or is it a good idea to avoid the park until Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens late fall, 2019?

The world’s most adorable roller coaster 

I think that Toy Story Land is a game changer. There may only be two new rides, but they have both proven to be quite popular. Slinky Dog Dash quickly became a must-do. It’s family friendly, so people like me who aren’t into huge thrills still love it. It’s a fairly long ride, and it is definitely the most adorable roller coaster on the planet. Since Slinky Dog himself is so long, it’s a different experience each time you ride, depending on which row you’re in.

It’s not quite teacups 

Alien Swirling Saucers has been described by some as similar to teacups, but I don’t think that’s a fair description. While the track is similar to some teacup rides, you can’t spin the ride vehicle in circles. (This can be a good thing.) Instead, you swing back and forth some, which adds a bit of a thrill to the ride. Personally, I love it! If you have problems with motion sickness you still might want to watch a time or two before getting in line, but in my opinion it’s not nearly as intense as Mad Tea Party.

It’s an air conditioned wait 

An old favorite now has its entrance in Toy Story Land. Toy Story Mania! finally has reasonable Wait Times, and it’s one of the few places where you can cool off in the new land since the wait is indoors. There are lots of great picture opportunities, both before and after the ride; especially if you like walls.

Keep your eyes open for Green Army Men 

Characters are a fun part of any day at Walt Disney World, and in Toy Story Land you’ll find Woody, Jessie, and Buzz. Keep your eyes open for the Green Army Patrol as well. These guys are great because they talk and interact with fans. I had one member watch Slinky Dog Dash with me, which was fun.

Woody’s Lunch Box can get backed up 

Woody’s Lunch Box has proven to be quite popular. The food choices are different than what you’ll find elsewhere, and the theme is great. You might want to plan to eat at an off time, because the lines are long at traditional meal times. It’s still worth the wait, but there isn’t much seating.

How do the legs stay on? 

Besides Slinky Dog Dash, my favorite thing about Toy Story Land is the atmosphere. I love all the little details; or should I say larger than life details. Each time I go I see something new. There are so many things that take me back to either my own childhood or when my daughter was younger. I think the Cooties are my favorite, although I could never get the legs to stay on.

Make sure you visit after dark! 

The lines for Toy Story Land have been long but manageable. Grab FastPass+ for something if you can. Otherwise, hit Toy Story Land first thing in the morning. Ride one of the two new rides and Toy Story Mania!, then head to a different part of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There’s little shade in Toy Story Land, so you won’t want to spend a whole day there if it’s hot. Once the sun goes down a bit, return to ride the other new ride. That will give you a chance to do everything that the park has to offer, and Toy Story Land looks great after dark. Once you’re done, it’s time for either Fantasmic! or Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular. You’ll have had the time of your life, and you’ll no longer think of Disney’s Hollywood Studios as a half day park. That makes Toy Story Land a game changer.