Guest Post: Disney’s Pop Century Resort Review

Disney’s Pop Century Resort, photo courtesy of The Byas Life

Hi Reader!

I’m Amanda from The Byas Life. I am filling in for your lovely creator here at Disney Over 50, Paula. Today is a great day to talk about Pop Century; my experiences, the perks, and most of all is it worth it. But before we get into the good stuff, let me introduce myself and give you a little bit of a back story.

I’m a Florida native. I grew up going to Disney World in the summer with my family, so you can say we are some sort of Disney fanatic. However, it wasn’t until our 2009 family trip that we decided to stay on Disney property! Let me tell you, once you stay on Disney property, there is NO turning back.

Without further ado, let’s get this room review started!

Disney’s Pop Century Resort, photo courtesy of The Byas Life

Why Pop Century?

In our 2009 and 2010 trips we decided to stay at Pop Century for many reasons. They had their own bus (at certain times of the years the All-Stars shared a bus then), which we were not really a fan of. The price was great for a value, and we loved the theming too.

But we first decided to stay at Pop Century for their perks like extra magic hours, buses to and from the parks, and the amenities.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort, photo courtesy of The Byas Life

What is the room like?

If you’ve done your research you found out that the value resorts have the smallest rooms, and you are trying to figure out if that will work for you and your family. Let me let you in on a little secret, if you are only planning on sleeping in said room, the room will do its job. If you are planning on staying in your room for longer than sleeping, you may want to upgrade to a moderate, at least.

Over the past year, Pop started renovating their rooms. Their rooms use to be as quirky as the outside. It essentially immersed you into the Disney feel. They felt family friendly and something different than you’d get if you stayed at the Hilton, for instance. However, the only downfall was the furniture was bulky and there was only enough room to walk with no room to spare. If you had a family, you basically had to play around outside instead of hanging in the room.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort, photo courtesy of The Byas Life

Now, with the renovated rooms, the rooms feel super modern and huge. The rooms are still the same size as they were back then; however, they utilized the space much, much better. The beds are now queens, one bed is a murphy bed, that also ends up being your table (when bed is up). They have a coffee bar area along with a fridge (which you use to have to pay extra money for). They have lots of storage too! You can utilize the closet in the bathroom, you can utilize the dresser, and place your suitcases under the beds now!

When the murphy bed is up, it feels much roomier. Even when the murphy bed is down, you still feel like you have enough room to walk around/ have a little play area for the kiddos and not feel so, so cramped into a small room.

However, with the new renovated rooms there is a downfall. Of course this is just my opinion but the rooms don’t feel so family friendly. The linens are white, there is honestly no color (there are a few color accents), but all in all it feels more like a grown up room than a cute quirky family-friendly room.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort, photo courtesy of The Byas Life

What is worth it?

We stayed at Pop Century this trip for one night (Friday, August 21, 2018), we booked through Priceline for $110 and paid the $14ish at the resort for the parking fee. All in all, with all the perks that you get, it is worth it in my eyes.

Disney’s Pop Century Resort, photo courtesy of The Byas Life

Question of the day: Do you like the new renovated rooms at Pop Century?