Rumor: John Williams and Galaxy’s Edge

John Williams conducting the Boston Pops at Tanglewood in Lenox, MA

There is one rumor that is floating around that I can totally get behind. It states that John Williams and Michael Giacchino will be composing the music for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I love this idea, and I hope that it’s true.

When you think about it, there is going to be a lot of music in the new land. Not only will there be general atmosphere music as you walk through Black Spire Outpost, there will be music to add to the rides. Oga’s Cantina will have music as well, and that will need to be special, since Rex is returning to Walt Disney World as the DJ. No one can create atmosphere through music the way that John Williams can.

This would not be the first time that the Star Wars music of John Williams would be heard at Walt Disney World. You can hear his genius as a big part of Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. The queue and pre-show music was written by Giacchino, which makes me want this rumor to be true even more. While John Williams composed the scores for the episodic Star Wars films, it was Michael Giacchino who penned the score for Rogue One.

Anyone who knows me knows the deep respect that I have for John Williams. I have been lucky enough to see him conduct many times, starting back when he was the Principal Conductor of the Boston Pops. He is not only a skilled theatrical composer, but he has written many orchestral and chamber pieces. He’s also a gifted pianist. Through all of his success he remains humble, and seems like a likable guy.

I am already beyond excited about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. If this rumor is true my excitement level will double. If I hear anything new, I will let you know.