Immune to Fireworks?

Make sure you enjoy the show! 

One of the few drawbacks of living as close to Walt Disney World as I do is that it is possible to become immune to fireworks. I know that sounds crazy, but it has kind of happened to me. We live close enough so that we can hear the fireworks from all three parks at our house, and we can see some of the fireworks in the distance from our driveway. We spend a lot of time at Disney’s BoardWalk, which has some great fireworks viewing areas. When we first moved here the sound of fireworks made me look up immediately, but now sometimes I barely notice that they’re going off.

When I do watch fireworks, very often it is with a camera or my phone in hand so that I can capture the perfect shot and share it here with anyone who happens to stumble upon this website. Fireworks are different when you’re watching them through a small viewfinder, and the experience is diminished as well.

When my daughter and I were at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party recently, I decided to handle the fireworks differently. I did snap some pictures and short videos of Happy Hallowishes. But I also decided to put my phone down for a while and pay attention to the show. It was nice to be able to just watch, without thinking about taking pictures or mumbling under my breath about the person whose Mickey Ears kept getting into my shot.

My point is this; don’t spend so much time trying to capture memories that you miss out on the actual moments. Pictures are great and they should be treasured, but don’t stress too much over getting the perfect shot. Enjoy the fireworks instead of staring at a small screen to see what is going on. It will add to the magic of your vacation.