Mickey Mouse Is Turning 90

Mickey is turning 90!

November 18, 1928 is the date that Steamboat Willie was released, which is why that date is considered Mickey Mouse’s birthday. Since Mickey is turning 90 this year, Disney is planning a celebration.

At Walt Disney World the party will start on November 16, and will run for three days. There will be special merchandise, but that’s not all. What’s a birthday party without food? Unique food and beverage items will be available for sale. Guests will be able to join the Dapper Dans in singing Happy Birthday, and they’ll also be able to join in on a special version of “Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It!” Street Party. There will be a birthday dance party in Tomorrowland as well.

If you can’t make it November 16-18, you’ll still be able to celebrate. The World’s Biggest Mouse Party will take place in 2019. What this means I don’t yet know, but I do know that it will be a blast.

Special birthday events will take place in other Disney parks across the planet. They will also celebrate the World’s Biggest Mouse Party, as will Disney Cruise Line.

Will the new ride be part of the celebration?

It’s interesting to note (at least to me) that Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will open in 2019 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Chances are that the first ride based on Mickey and Minnie will somehow tie into the celebration.

When I have more information, I’ll share it with you here at Disney Over 50. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what Disney has planned.