Magical Construction

Part of the Disney Skyliner system

I’ve written in the past about the numerous construction projects that are currently taking place at Walt Disney World. Some people complain about all of it, and claim that it distracts from the magic. Not me, I’m the opposite. I think that the construction is magical. Here’s why.

This will be the NBA Experience at Disney Springs

I think it’s fascinating to see something created where there used to be nothing. I’ve been like that since I was little and my family had a house built. I loved it when my parents would suggest we drive by the site to see the progress on the house. It was mind boggling to me to see it take shape.

The view from Toy Story Land

A lot of the current construction is to get things ready for the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary in 2021. Imagine what that is going to be like! That will be a celebration unlike any other. Of course, not all of the current projects will take that long to complete. We’ll get to see the finished projects in stages. This is an exciting time to live near Walt Disney World.

More of Galaxy’s Edge

There are two projects that I especially enjoy watching right now. The first one, of course, is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. As a lifelong Star Wars fanatic, I am beyond excited about this. Each time I get near Disney’s Hollywood Studios I see changes. I’m thrilled that we can see parts of what is going on from Toy Story Land. I’m also happy to share those glimpses on both Facebook and Instagram. (If you don’t like or follow the Disney Over 50 pages, you should.)

You can clearly see that a ship is forming

The other construction that is exciting to me is the Disney Skyliner. That is going up so fast! I think that part of the reason why I find it magical is because this is going to change transportation for parts of Walt Disney World. I love to dream about what it will be like to see the gondolas overhead, or better yet what it will be like to ride in one.

This is where you’ll get on and off the Disney Skyliner at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Construction points to the future, a future that will be here before we know it. Until then, it’s magical to think about what it will be like, knowing that Disney will not disappoint us.