Chicken Guy! Is Open

Guy Fieri and Robert Earl

Chicken Guy! is officially open at Disney Springs. The new restaurant is a collaboration between celebrity chef Guy Fieri and restauranter Robert Earl. Not surprisingly, chicken is the featured dish. The difference here is the variety of sauces. There are 22 to choose from, with choices such as Donkey Sauce and Nashville Hot Honey. In addition to chicken tenders, you can also order sandwiches and bowls.

Chicken Guy! menu

For dessert there’s Flavortown Frozen Treats. Those come in Cinnamon Apple and Triple Double Mint. Fountain beverages are also sold.

Flavortown has two fun flavors

If you’re looking for Chicken Guy!, head towards Planet Hollywood. It’s on the back of the building, across from where the new Wolfgang Puck restaurant is going to be. As of right now it’s not all that flashy from the outside. Walk past the Coca-Cola building and it will be on your left. If you reach the covered area that houses stores such as Tommy Bahama and Columbia Sportswear, you’ve gone too far.

Chicken Guy! is located on the back of the Planet Hollywood building

I stopped by to take a peek on Sunday, August 5. I didn’t order anything for two reasons. First, because I’m vegetarian. Second, there was a long line to get in. I did get to look around a bit, and saw many happy diners. There’s a system where you’ll place your order and be given a tracker. Find a table, and place the tracker in the center. Your food will be brought to you.

You food will be brought to you

Disney Springs has dining options for just about every taste. I think that Chicken Guy! is going to fit right in.

The counter at Chicken Guy!