Interactive Queues

Wait INDOORS for Dumbo The Flying Elephant

One expression that you will hear quite often when it comes to rides at Walt Disney World is “interactive queues”. If you’re wondering what these are all about, you’re in the right place.

Queue, of course, is simply another word for line. If you like to be redundant, go ahead and call it a queue line. Some queues are nothing special, some are themed, and some are interactive. In these lines, you can do some type of activity while you wait. It’s meant to give you something to do along the way. Some interactive queues are geared towards children, while others are great for anyone.

Don’t let the possibility of an interactive queue keep you from getting FastPass+, with one possible exception. The queue for Dumbo the Flying Elephant is incredible. Instead of waiting in line, you’ll be given a pager. The kids can try circus activities, while the adults sit in the air conditioning. The kids will have so much fun that they might not realize that they aren’t at the actual attraction. Once it’s time to ride, your pager will go off, and then you can go ride.

You’ll find the most interactive queues at the Magic Kingdom. Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train all have additional activities. Soarin’ at Epcot also has an interactive queue, as does Test Track to a degree. There are a few other queues that have some degree of interaction as well. With the Play Disney Parks App, you have the power to turn more queues into interactive one, but in my opinion it’s not really the same thing.