Why I Love Slinky Dog Dash

I love Slinky Dog Dash!

As I write this it’s been a while since Toy Story Land opened, and the newest area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is drawing manageable crowds. It’s packed, but to me it doesn’t feel as bad as when Pandora – The World of Avatar opened. The lines for the two new rides, Alien Swirling Saucers and Slinky Dog Dash, have been long but doable. Since I’m local I don’t like to wait too long in line for rides because I can easily come back, but I will wait in line for Slinky Dog Dash.

I am not a roller coaster person. I don’t mind going fast, but I hate drops. Slinky Dog Dash is different. When you stick the word “family” in a ride description that’s always a good sign for me. I really enjoy Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, but if given a choice I prefer Slinky Dog. It’s true that Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a smoother ride, but for me Slinky Dog Dash has it beat in every other area.

First off, the ride is adorable. From the very first pictures that I saw of the concept I knew that it would be the cutest roller coaster out there. I think that’s part of the fun, it doesn’t seem so scary because the ride vehicle is anything but scary. Who wouldn’t want to ride?

The queue for Slinky Dog Dash is extremely well done. I love all the toys and items that take me back decades. One thing that I noticed the last time that we rode is that people have been picking at parts of the walls, seeing if “removable” items will come off. They won’t, so don’t do it.

My least favorite part of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is the seats. I have not heard one person refer to them as “comfortable”. In fact, I’ve heard many people say just the opposite, and I have to agree with them. The same is not true of Slinky Dog Dash. The seats are comfortable enough, and there’s enough room to put my bag on the floor.

Of course, the best part of Slinky Dog Dash is the actual ride. You’ll have a blast off moment, but not one as dramatic as Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. The rest of the ride is just a continuous thrill. The hills look larger than they feel. There isn’t a “lose your stomach” moment, at least not that I’ve experienced. It’s more a bunch of smaller ups and downs, with some turns along the way. You’ll feel the wind in your hair, but you won’t feel the ride in the pit of your stomach.

If you’re riding Slinky Dog Dash during the day, make sure you keep your eyes open for the view into where they are building Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. You can see it a little bit better if you’re sitting on the right, but you’ll enjoy it on the left as well. Don’t let that keep you from riding after dark. You may not be able to see the next land’s progress, but Toy Story Land looks fantastic at night, and Slinky Dog gives you a view of the entire land.

I did have a problem with Slinky Dog a few weeks ago, and I felt like he let me down. (Yes, I said he.) But that’s all water under the bridge. Slinky Dog and I have made up, and Slinky Dog Dash is now my favorite coaster at Walt Disney World.