Disney to Reduce the Amount of Plastic Waste

Individual shampoo and other bottles will eventually be replaced in the resortsĀ 

One part of the Walt Disney Company that you don’t often hear about is the Disney Conservation Fund. That’s a shame, because Disney is committed to helping the environment. Whether it’s assisting an endangered species, or teaching better ways to grow coffee, Disney Conservation Fund is a well respected name when it comes to protecting the planet.

That’s why a new effort is about to be made that will affect Walt Disney World and the Disney Parks across the planet. The amount of single use plastic is about to be greatly reduced. By the middle of 2019, single use plastic straws and plastic coffee stirrers are going to be eliminated from all Walt Disney Company properties. This amounts to 175 million straws and 13 million plastic coffee stirrers each year.

Another area where a change will be made is with plastic bags. Guests will eventually be offered a chance to purchase a reusable bag at a low cost. (Since this is Disney, they will probably be collectible.) Disney also plans to slowly phase in refillable containers for amenities in the hotel rooms and on Disney Cruise Line. I’ve heard that some rooms already have made the switch at Walt Disney World. Disney also plans to eliminate polystyrene cups in all Disney owned businesses. This will extend past the theme parks.

Remember that not all places on Disney property are owned and operated by Disney, so there might still be some plastic straws used in some areas. It is unclear as to whether or not plastic straws will be totally banned, like they are at nearby SeaWorld Orlando, or if guests will be allowed to bring their own. When more information becomes available, I’ll let you know.