V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights Registration Now Open!

I’ll be there on September 6! 

If you’re a Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Plus Passholder check your email, because registration for V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights is already open. There are three dates to choose from, and you can make a reservation for only one of the three events. The dates are August 5 at the Magic Kingdom, September 6 at Epcot, and October 25 at Epcot. The Magic Kingdom event runs from 10:00pm until midnight, while the two Epcot dates run 9:00pm until 11:00pm.

Passholders will be allowed in for the event starting at 4:00pm, but that’s kind of a moot point since all those who register are Passholders and are able to get in anyway. V.I.PASSHOLDER Nights do not cost extra, they’re a new added bonus for certain levels of Passholders.

I registered the moment I received the email. The website did go down once for me, but that’s not all that unusual when Disney opens registration for a Passholder bonus. I refreshed the page, and moments later I was able to register. One warning, you can’t change your mind later, as soon as you register you’re locked in for that date.

I’ll be at the September 6 event at Epcot. I’ll add a full review here the next day.