Parents and Grandparents, Take Heed!

Parents and grandparents, read this! 

If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World or a trip to another Disney park and it includes young children, this could be the most important piece of information that you read. No one likes to think that children and their families can become separated, but it happens each and every day. Teach the little ones what a Cast Member’s name tag looks like, so that they can readily identify it. Then let the kids know that if for some reason they can’t find you, find someone with such a name tag and wait with him or her.

Cast Members know exactly how to take care of lost children. There is a system set in place that puts the child’s safety and reuniting the child with his or her family first. The child will be well taken care of, often spending time playing games in an air conditioned room with friendly Cast Members. It is important to Disney that the kids will have a great time while the search is on, and that the child will never feel scared. Disney even makes getting lost magical.

If a small member of your party is missing, you need to find the nearest Cast Member as well. The sooner the lost child information gets out there, the sooner you and the child will be reunited. Between the crowds, the unfamiliarity, and factors such as restrooms with two doors, kids do get lost. Don’t panic, and don’t think that you could have done something differently. Take a deep breath, and remember that Disney will make sure that you and the child are together again soon.

One thing that could be helpful is to take a picture of each child in the morning before you leave for the park. That way, you’ll be able to show Security what the child was wearing, which will help with the search. Kids these days are used to having pictures taken often, and they do not need to know why you want the picture.

Before you leave for your Disney vacation, do a quick image search so that you can show the kids what the name tags look like. I am not adding one here for privacy reasons, but there are plenty of pictures online. Once you arrive, point out the name tags to the kids, and chat with a few Cast Members so that the children will not be intimidated. You’ll want for them to feel comfortable.

Cast Members do know what to look for, so even if the child is shy there will be help. I’ve seen them approaching children who seem to be alone countless times. Sometimes a parent was just a few feet away, but not always. It’s better to check to make sure that the child isn’t lost than to ignore a child who actually is.

I hope that this is advice that you will never need, but it is best to be prepared. Knowing that the kids know what to do if they can’t find you will make your vacation go smoother.