Many people use scooters to get around on their Walt Disney World vacations

Walt Disney World is for all ages, not just for kids. That is what Disney Over 50 is all about. Do not let mobility issues keep you away from the parks. Many guests rent scooters to help them get around. You can rent a scooter in any of the Walt Disney World theme parks, and there are also several local companies that you can contact as well. Many of these companies will deliver the scooter to your hotel for no extra charge, and also pick it up once you’re ready to leave for home.

Scooters are a controversial subject. Some people swear by them, they would not be able to enjoy their vacation without one. Other people can’t stand scooters, and that is because there are so many of them in the parks and not everyone knows how to operate them.

If you are going to use a scooter, please take the time to get used to the controls before you ride near other people. I’ve been hit by scooters several times by someone who hit the wrong control. If you do hit someone, please take the time to apologize and let the person know that it was an accident. Remember that a scooter is not supposed to be used to plow a hole in the crowd. Please be respectful of others. Also, don’t let the grandkids take turns riding in your lap. That’s not safe, and I’ve seen security officers tell families that it is not allowed. You’ll still see it happen, but it is against the rules.

If no one in your party is using a scooter, you still need to be aware of them. Keep in mind that the person driving might not be used to the controls, and give him or her room. Don’t crowd in and then blame the scooter driver because you wouldn’t give a few extra inches of space. Teach any children in your party that they need to be careful around scooters as well. I’ve seen children run right in front of a scooter and then stop, not realizing that the driver didn’t know how to stop quickly. Finally, don’t judge someone for using a scooter. You don’t know his or her situation.

If everyone makes an effort, scooter riding and walking guests can all have a safe vacation.

2 thoughts on “Scooters

  1. I love your articles but this one I take issue with a bit. I’m reaching the age where our next trip to Disney will probably include a scooter for me. I’ve watched for years and I see people walk in front of these scooters and stop. These scooters do not stop on a dime. But every time the person on the scooter gets the blame for other people’s actions. Kids and their parents do not watch out for there scooters and then they wonder why they get bumped. It is as much their responsibility to be careful and watchful as it is the scooter rider.
    Also parents with strollers cause/ have many of the same issues. Part of the issue stems from how crowded the parks have become and the lack of courtesy shown by many.
    I dread using a scooter but do I have to stay out of Disney forever because my legs can no longer take the pounding on the pavement for hours on end?

    1. I truly appreciate your comment, and I agree. Everyone needs to be aware of their surroundings, which is sadly lacking at Disney. And I realize that most people who use a scooter do know what they are doing. But as I said, I’ve been hit multiple times, and usually it’s followed by “Oops, I didn’t mean to hit reverse” or something similar. I think only one person has actually apologized in the almost nine years that I’ve lived here.

      I’m all for scooters. I love the fact that they make it easier for people who can’t walk all day. And I realized that 90% of the problems with scooters would go away if parents would keep a closer eye on their kids. My point in the article is that everyone needs to be aware. If everyone; parents, kids, scooter riders, walkers, and all those in between were to pay a little more attention, scooters wouldn’t be an issue.

      And don’t get me started on strollers…..

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