Why I Love JetBlue

JetBlue is currently my airline of choice

A couple of days ago I shared with you about my first experience flying with Southwest Airlines. In that piece, I mentioned how jetBlue is my first choice, all other things being equal. Here is why.

Disclaimer; this is not a paid endorsement. I don’t even know anyone who works for jetBlue, so I’m not saying this to be nice to a friend. It’s my honest opinion.


JetBlue is convenient for me. They service Orlando International Airport, and they have nonstop flights to many places where I might be headed. Often when I travel I’m headed up north to see my parents, and jetBlue has nonstop flights to several different airports in their general vicinity. It gives me options, which also help with the cost.


Speaking of cost, jetBlue is competitive, especially when you purchase your ticket at the right time. I’ve learned that I need to plan early and keep an eye on the fares. Very often the fares will be high at first, and then will drop a couple of months before the trip. They will go up again, so the moment I see that they are down I will book. I like that I can see a month’s worth of fares on the website so I can watch to see if any of the fares for the weeks leading up to my date have dropped.


It’s not difficult to earn points with jetBlue, and the points add up quickly. I’ve only been flying with them for a couple of years and already I’ve had four free flights (there’s a $5.60 fee). You can find out more information about points on their website


JetBlue has hands down the nicest staff that I have encountered on my flights. The flight attendants always have a smile and greet me, and if there is a problem of some type they’ll take care of it without making me feel like a bother. The staff in the airport has always been great as well.

In Flight Extras

When you fly with jetBlue, you’ll receive plenty of extras. Wi-Fi is free on the flight, and you can watch DirecTV or listen to SiriusXM. There are also three recent movies that you can watch without paying extra. There is a good variety of snacks and beverages included, plus others that you can pay for.


I’m not sure what the dimensions are, but I know that I had more leg room on my recent jetBlue flight home to Orlando than I did on my Southwest flight to Hartford. JetBlue is the only airline that I’ve flown recently where I didn’t feel cramped. I’m 5′ 10″, and with jetBlue my legs aren’t crushed against the seat in front of me. I also like to be able to pick my seat when I book my flight. It seems like that’s becoming a luxury these days.


The major drawback when flying with jetBlue is that you might have to pay for your luggage. Your carry-on and personal item are free, but if you book a Blue Fare (the cheapest) you’ll pay to check bags. If you book Blue Plus one checked bag is included, while with Blue Flex you can check two. Often the price difference to move up a level is less than the cost of checking a bag. There are other benefits of booking one of the higher choices, so you might want to look over the information on the website to see which will work the best for you and your situation.