What Is Rider Switch and How Do You Use It?

If there’s a height requirement, Rider Switch should be available

We’ve talked a fair amount here about height requirements. If you are traveling with children who are not tall enough to ride everything, or if the child is tall enough to ride but still does not want to, you still do not have to miss out. That is what Rider Switch is all about. The system is simple, you tell a Cast Member at the ride’s entrance that you want to use Rider Switch. You will then all get into the line together.

When you near the entrance of the ride, tell the next Cast Member there that you want to use Rider Switch. You will be given a Rider Switch Pass, and the child who isn’t riding and the accompanying adult will be shown the waiting area. Every one else can then ride. Once it’s over, the adult who stayed behind can ride without having to get back in line. He or she can also bring one other rider along, so someone in your party can ride twice. No more than two people will be able to be on the second ride.

If you’re wondering if a ride offers Rider Switch, there’s a good rule of thumb to follow. If there is a height requirement, Rider Switch is an option. There are only two rides without height requirements where the service is available. They are Frozen Ever After at Epcot and Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you aren’t sure, just talk to the Cast Members at the ride’s entrance. They will be able to answer all of your Rider Switch questions.

If you and your grandchild are visiting by yourselves, you will not be able to ride and leave the child in the waiting area. Two adults must be involved, there is no babysitting. Also, keep in mind that Rider Switch is not available at either of the Walt Disney World Water Parks.