You don’t have to buy snacks, bring some with you!

Walt Disney World has some classic and delicious snacks, but there will be times when ordering a snack from a kiosk will not work. It could be that there is a long line for Mickey Pretzels, or maybe you’re trying to save money. The good news is that Walt Disney World allows you to bring snacks and beverages into the parks with you. Glass bottles and alcohol are not allowed, and straws from juice boxes are not allowed in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but there aren’t really any other limits. 

Remember that whatever you carry into the park with you will be weighing you down until you finally eat it. That is why you’ll want to stay away from heavier items. Bottles of water, juice boxes, and soda will get heavy after a couple of hours. I’m not a soda drinker, but I also don’t want to pay the price of bottled water. I will sometimes bring an empty water bottle, but usually I’ll just ask for a cup of ice water at any quick service restaurant. 

Stay away from chocolate when you’re packing snacks. That will melt and cause a huge mess. Even granola bars with chocolate chips can get messy. Bananas also don’t hold up all that well, unless you plan to eat them early in the day.

There is no definitive list of what you should and what you shouldn’t bring into a theme park. Trail mix (without chocolate chips) holds up well, and can be filling. Other types of granola bars are the same. Crackers can be good. Apple slices are a healthy choice. If you like chips bring some in, but if you cram a lot of other stuff in your bag remember that the chips will most likely end up as crumbs.

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, think about making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I will often bring bagels with me because they hold up well. If you want to bring cold items you can bring a small cooler, but that might not be necessary. I have an insulated lunch bag that I will often bring. I’ll make sandwiches the night before and freeze them. I’ll pack them in the lunch bag before I head out, and once they’ve thawed it’s time to eat. That way, I also don’t get stuck carrying a freezer pack.

When it comes to snacks ask yourself a couple of questions. Will it melt? Is it too heavy? Will it tide me over until a meal? If the snack fits your criteria, it’s probably a good choice. Just make sure that you splurge for one Mickey Pretzel, one Mickey Ice Cream Bar, and one Dole Whip while on your vacation. All three are classics.