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Sunday Savings Series: Watch for Even Higher Extras

I still can’t believe the deal that I got!

A few days ago I mentioned that there are already some great deals on flights, and there probably will be even more in the near future. That tip was because of an email that I received from Frontier Airlines, offering $11 tickets. Because of this deal, I was able to purchase two round trip tickets to California for $44! We’ll be going anyway, even if Disneyland isn’t open by our dates, and we just could not turn that deal down. I had a flight voucher, so I added carry on bags. I checked a little while ago, the flights that we booked are now up to $139 per person, each way. That is why I took advantage of the deal.

There is one thing that I noticed when I booked my flights that I want to make you aware of. Extra fees could be even higher right now when there is a very low price on a flight. When I booked my flight I was curious. Frontier has an add on called The Works. It includes a carry on, checked bag, seat selection, and the ability to change or cancel without a fee. If I were to add The Works to my tickets, it was an additional $150 per person, per flight. That’s an extra $600! I don’t know how much The Works is normally to California, but that was more than I’ve ever seen it before.

Airlines are losing a lot of money right now because people aren’t traveling. They are trying to entice us to look past the current crisis with deals that are incredibly low. The price for the flight that I booked was mostly taxes and fees, Frontier is not going to make something off of an $11 flight. They need to make up for the losses somewhere, and the extras are a logical way to do it.

Carry on bags, checked bags, and seat selection are probably going to start to cost a bit more across the board, not just on Frontier. If you plan a trip for once this is over, consider carefully what you buy for extras. I’ve mentioned before that I’m good at getting a week’s worth of stuff in a backpack. When that doesn’t happen and we’re all going, sometimes my family will purchase one checked back instead of individual carry on bags. That will usually cost about 1/4 of the price. If you do that, you’ll still end with a great deal for your flight and you’ll have more than just a backpack. You will also have saved quite a bit of money.

The Frontier sale that I booked is now over, but I would not be surprised if they have another one soon. They tend to offer deals all the time, sometimes close to the flight date. That’s part of the reason why I fly Frontier and the other discount airlines so often. They easily fit within my budget.