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Some Things to Consider

Walt Disney World is surreal these days… 

One of the top questions that people have at the moment is whether or not they should visit Walt Disney World right now, or if they should instead postpone. I am not going to tell anyone what to do. If you have that question, the decision is yours. That said, here are a few things to consider before heading to Florida.

Walt Disney World is a glorious respite right now. Wait Times are as low as a Disney After Hours event. There are plenty of safety measures in place. People are wearing face coverings, and there are social distancing markers everywhere. There really does seem to be a magical bubble over Walt Disney World in these weird times. The CDC guidelines are being followed, and it shows that you can be careful and have fun at the same time.

That aside, how are you going to get to Florida? Do you plan to drive or to fly? If you are flying, do some research on the safety measures that your airline is taking. Most are saying that you can change flights for no additional charge if you end up on a full flight. Check to see how they are handling the situation before you make you decision.

If you’re driving, how long will it take you to get to Florida? Will you need to stop overnight along the way? These are added risks, but I know that most hotels have upped their safety protocols. Read recent reviews, especially reviews from the past couple of months. That will help you to find the right place to stop.

Does your state have a self-quarantine order when you return? Remember that if you are traveling to Florida, you are not allowed on Disney property if you are from a state with a self-quarantine order and you have not fulfilled it. These orders are in place for a reason. We may not agree with them, but we still need to follow them.

If anyone in your party has health issues, this might not be the time to visit Walt Disney World (or travel anywhere). The same is true if there is a child in your party who can’t or won’t wear a mask. Disney is strictly following the policy. I’ve heard many parents say that their kids will never keep it on. If they won’t, they aren’t allowed to be there. It’s as simple as that. When we’ve been at Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort, the kids haven’t been the ones who have been breaking this rule. I’ve seen several small children who wear masks as a badge of honor.

Who will you be returning home to? Even if there is no self-quarantine order from Florida in your state, you could potentially take something back with you. Disney has done their part, but there is still a risk. Your health could be excellent, but you don’t want to put your elderly parents or your friend battling cancer at risk.

The whole travel issue is personal for me. My parents are both 94 years old. They live in a retirement community that has been COVID-19 free. If you’ve read much of what I’ve written here you know that I love my parents with my whole heart. That’s why I haven’t seen them in months. My two sisters have both spent time with them, because they don’t live in hotspots. It’s breaking my heart to stay away, but I know that it’s what is safest for them. When I can finally visit, I’ll still self-quarantine for two weeks before I see them. It isn’t worth the risk.

My point is that you need to weigh both sides before you make your final decision. If you aren’t in a high risk category, or there is no one who you will be returning to who is high risk, Walt Disney World might be the break from reality that you’re looking for right now. But I urge you, look at the whole picture before making your final decision. A low Wait Time for Flight of Passage isn’t worth risking the lives of your loved ones back home.