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Rumor: No Virtual Queues?

Will there be no more Boarding Groups?

Update: Boarding Passes will be used for Rise of the Resistance!

There is a rumor that is spreading like wildfire, so I thought that I would mention it here. I have no idea whether or not it’s true, but I thought that I’d make you aware of it. Many people are talking about it like it’s fact, so I want to stress that this has not been confirmed by Walt Disney World.

The rumor states that Disney is not going to have any Virtual Queues once the parks reopen. This includes Boarding Groups for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There would also be no Single Rider Lines, but that is pretty much a given.

This is the tweet that started the rumor

The whole thing began with a user on Twitter who goes by @ScottGustin. His tweet was as follows:

NEW: Disney has told Cast Members there will be no virtual queues used for attractions when parks reopen. This includes Rise of the Resistance. Single rider lines will also not be utilized.

This information has not been posted online (yet) but Cast Members have been informed.

The idea behind the rumor is that Disney will just increase social distancing within the lines. If it’s true, part of me also wonders if it is a technical thing. They don’t want to promise a new system, only to have it not work.

From the My Disney Experience App

As I write this, the My Disney Experience App still has the place to obtain a Boarding Group for Rise of the Resistance. In the screenshot above, you can even see the time that I took it (5:17pm), so that shows how recent it is. I also took a screenshot from the Disneyland App, which has a spot for Virtual Queues.

From the Disneyland App

Universal Orlando Resort has used Virtual Lines since they reopened, with varying degrees of success. The first day that we went I could not get it to work, we just received an error message each time. We were not the only ones. Since that day I have had it work some of the time, but not always. I have friends who haven’t had any problems with it at all.

Universal Orlando Resort uses Virtual Lines

Disney is releasing information fast and furious right now (that’s a Universal Studios pun, because Fast & Furious is a ride there), so if they do decide to reopen without Virtual Queues I will let you know as soon as I hear something. At this point, we just need to trust that Disney is going to do all that they can to keep people safe, and allow for social distancing.