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Disney Springs Is Reopen and It Is Beautiful

Isn’t it beautiful? 

Today, May 20, Walt Disney World welcomed people back for the first time in two months. Disney Springs is now partially reopen, and it is a beautiful thing. My daughter and I arrived before the official opening time of 10:00 this morning because we could not wait to be back. We truly felt like we were at home.


Disney is allowing guests to park only in the Orange or Lime Garages, to keep capacity under control. When we arrived, the Lime Garage was still closed, and we had to go through a different entrance for the Orange Garage. Temperature checks are required for all, and that takes place on Level Two. They are not weird or awkward.

More warnings 

Another thing that is required is face coverings. This does not need to be a mask, a bandana or a scarf will do the trick. Your nose and mouth need to be covered. We saw a few people try to get around this, and they were told by Security to wear the covering correctly. I guess that Universal fans are better at following the rules, because in the two times that we’ve been to CityWalk I’ve never seen someone try to get around this rule. I refuse to debate about face coverings. Disney requires them, end of story.

Handwashing station 

There are signs everywhere at Disney Springs to remind you of what you need to do to stay safe. There are six-foot markers on the ground. Many of the businesses have designated entrances and exits. There are extra handwashing stations, with reminders to wash often. If you’re wondering where all the Purell has gone, I’m pretty sure that Disney now has most of it. I’m just joking, of course, but there were plenty of dispensers. It was not hard to follow CDC guidelines.

One-way arrows 

The only time I’ve ever seen Disney Springs so quiet before was early in the morning. We stayed until around noon, and it had picked up a bit by then. It still wasn’t crowded when we left.

From the Orange Garage 

I think that Disney has done a good job of making sure that everyone will be safe. It is up to us to follow the rules. For the most part, groups were staying apart, and the rules were being adhered to. Disney is closely monitoring what works and what doesn’t work, which will bring us closer to the reopening of the theme parks. From what I saw this morning, this one works.

Isn’t it beautiful?