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Sunday Savings Series: Another Airport to Consider

Have you considered flying in or out of Tampa? 

When people are booking flights for trips to Walt Disney World, the first airport that they will usually consider is Orlando International Airport. It’s the closest airport to Disney, and it is the one that offers Disney’s Magical Express. OIA is not the only airport to consider, though, especially if you’ll be renting a car. I’ve told you before about my experiences at Sanford Orlando International Airport. Today, I’d like to share a bit of information about another option that is not too far away.

Tampa International Airport is located maybe 90 minutes from Walt Disney World. Even though it is fairly close in proximity, it feels like it is lightyears away when it comes to the craziness of travel. The TSA lines are much shorter, and the airport is easy to navigate. Even though it is further, I prefer to fly out of Tampa when it’s cheaper. If you have a wait before your flight, there are 45 shops. There are also 34 restaurants, including Hard Rock Cafe, Pei Wei, and Burger 21. Don’t worry about your coffee fix, there are several Starbucks locations.

Flying into Tampa is a breeze as well. It is not hard to find the right luggage carousel after you’ve deplaned. If someone is picking you up, just walk outside. Unlike Orlando International Airport, smoking is allowed outside only in designated areas, so you aren’t hit with a wall of smoke the moment you leave the building.

If you don’t plan to rent a car but it’s still cheaper to fly into Tampa, consider Tampa Bay Shuttle Service. You can schedule a ride to Walt Disney World and the other area theme parks. If you’re cruising out of Port Canaveral or Port Tampa Bay, you can schedule transportation through the same company. Unlike Disney’s Magical Express, there is a fee to ride, but if you save enough on your flight it might be worth it.

It’s nice to have options, especially options that could save you money. When you are pricing flights for a Walt Disney World vacation, remember that you do have choices other than Orlando International Airport. Flying into Tampa International Airport could end up saving you a lot, or it might cost more. It won’t take long to check, and you just might be surprised by the results.