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A Galaxy Far, Far Away Is Going Away

The stage blocks the Chinese TheaterĀ 

The stage show Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away will not be around much longer. The last date that it will be performed is February 22. This is not a surprising development. The show, which features several Star Wars characters, was never supposed to be permanent; at least that’s what I was always told. Honestly, I’m surprised that it has stayed around this long. But I digress.

Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away takes place on the portable stage that is placed in front of the Chinese Theater during the day. With the opening of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway less than a month away, Disney is going to want guests to have a clear view of the theater. Since the stage is on wheels the show could be moved elsewhere, but there really is no reason for that. The show was created to keep people busy when all of the construction was taking place. With the opening of the new mouse-themed ride, the transformation of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is all but complete.

Or is it? One famous Walt Disney quote states, “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” If he felt that way about Disneyland, wouldn’t the same thing be true of the theme parks here in Florida?

Since Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge now has both rides up and (usually) running, and Toy Story Land has been open for over a year, it’s time to think about where the next big project could go. My guess (and it’s totally a guess) is that the days are numbered for Star Wars Launch Bay.

The area for Launch Bay is pretty large, and it is also a bit out of the way. Disney could easily block it off and create something new there, without making the park feel like it’s full of construction walls once again. Most casual guests visiting the park would probably not even realize that something had once been there.

If Launch Bay does close, we’ll end up losing three meet and greets. It won’t be like they’re really gone, though, since Darth Vader appears in Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple and BB-8 is part of the Rise of the Resistance Story. We won’t have to worry about Chewbacca, since he’s hard at work in Black Spire Outpost. He’s easy to find.

I’ve heard complaints from non-Star Wars fans that there’s too much Star Wars in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You would never hear me say that, but others have made that claim. Closing Launch Bay would keep Star Wars more contained.

I don’t think that Star Tours – The Adventures Continue is in danger of closing, at least not for a while. The ride is necessary. It keeps Star Wars fans happy when they are waiting for their Boarding Group to be called and they’ve already ridden Smugglers Run twice. More importantly (for Disney’s bottom line, at least), the Tatooine Traders gift shop outside of the ride sells things that they can’t sell inside of Galaxy’s Edge. While Star Wars merchandise is sold in other stores, you have to go through Tatooine Traders when you get off the ride. You can’t avoid seeing the merchandise. I’ll admit that I’ve purchased a T-shirt or two that I saw in Tatooine Traders after I got off of Star Tours.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away show, so I’m not all that sad that it’s going to end soon. March of the First Order was fun, but this show just reminded me of how much I miss Star Wars Weekends. Plus it’s in the sun. I might try to check it out one more time before it’s gone for good, but I might not. There are other things that I would rather do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.