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Giving the Disney Skyliner Another Chance

Last night’s sunset from the Disney’s Skyliner¬†

If you’ve been reading what I write for a while, you know that I was obsessed with the Disney Skyliner before it opened. I started taking pictures as soon as the poles went up, I added videos of the gondolas once they were moving, and I was thrilled to attend the Disney Skyliner media event. I was hooked, and then the “Disney Skyliner incident” happened.

Let me state right off that the three hour stoppage of the Disney Skyliner had nothing to do with my not riding again right away. I know that Disney has the safety of guests as the top priority. I also know that Disney is going to do everything possible to make sure that there isn’t another major stoppage. My reason for not riding was time and distance. I was out of town a couple of times after the Skyliner reopened. When I was home, I just didn’t have the time.

Last night, my daughter and I decided to take a flight on the Disney Skyliner again. We went to the Disney Hollywood Studios station because we were already at the park. (She’s as big a Star Wars fan as I am.) When we left home, it was storming. The storm had mostly passed when we arrived, but since there had been lightning in the area, the gondolas weren’t running.

When we were finished in the park, we noticed that the Skyliner was running, and that the line was fairly long. A Cast Member explained that even though the gondolas were moving again, they needed to reset and test the system. That’s common practice when there’s been lightning in the area.

Maybe ten minutes later the line started to move. It was amazing to me how quickly they can load the gondolas, everyone was in just a few minutes. There was one time that they stopped loading for maybe a minute or so. Short stoppages are common on the Disney Skyliner, there is no reason to think that they are stuck if you experience one.

These signs are now at all stations 

We rode the Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Disney’s Caribbean Resort line, then walked over to the loading area for the line that would take us to Epcot. That is the longest ride of the three lines. We boarded, moved forward a little bit, then stopped. We hadn’t yet left the platform, in fact the door was still open. We stayed there for just over two minutes, then the door closed and we moved. The only other time that we stopped was at the turn station at Disney’s BoardWalk. We stopped there for 22 seconds (I timed it), it wasn’t a long time at all.

Counting there and back as separate lines, there are six Skyliner lines. We rode four of them yesterday. We experienced only the two short stops, and never once did we feel like we were unsafe. I personally still love the Disney Skyliner. I can’t wait to do the line to Art of Animation/Pop Century again, that one is my favorite. I also want to time it soon so that we can see the fireworks from the air. I know people who have experienced that, and they have said that it was spectacular.