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Cast Members and Respect

Cast Members add to the fun in Galaxy’s Edge 

Living near Walt Disney World and going all the time, I have been lucky enough to get to know some Cast Members. A couple of them I consider to be among my closest friends. The stories that they can tell! What I would like to say today is please, do not become one of those stories. Treat the Cast Members with respect.

Cast Members go out of their way to make your vacations special. That does not mean that they are perfect. They have bad days as well. They have pain and struggles that you will never know about, but they brush them off when they get to work so that the guests will be able to escape the real world for a while.

I have seen some really bad behavior towards Cast Members lately, and it always makes me sad. Remember, it is not the fault of the woman in the ticket booth that the price is so high. The cashiers in the stores do not set the prices. If you purchase counterfeit tickets from Craigslist, don’t be upset that the gate attendants can’t let you in.

Things happen. I’ve had orders prepared wrong, I’ve received damaged merchandise, I’ve encountered Cast Members who have been less than magical. That said, I’ve learned about new dishes, I’ve been given a little extra magic, and I’ve more often than not left with a smile on my face. Cast Members are special people.

If something does go wrong, there are things that you can do. Depending on the location, you can ask to speak to a manager. You can talk to someone at Guest Relations. You can email Disney. But if you’re prone to do one of these things, I ask you to consider doing the same for anyone who has really stepped up. Disney takes Cast Member compliments very seriously. You can really make someone’s day with a few words.

I have one final request. Wherever you are, whether you’re at Walt Disney World, your local dollar store, or somewhere in between, be nice to people. I struck up a conversation earlier today with a stressed cashier, and she seemed to really appreciate our chat. Everyone has something stressful in their lives. We can all help to cut back on that stress, at least a little bit. It costs nothing to be nice to people, and it can be contagious.