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The Dry Season?

A clear sky has been pretty common lately

After a very wet spring and summer, we had an extremely dry month of September here in Central Florida. They’ve been saying on the local news that we received a well below average rainfall for the month. Does that mean that the Dry Season has arrived early? Not really.

Even though we are now in October, we are still in Hurricane Season. There is nothing threatening us as I write this, but that could still change. Hurricane Matthew in 2016 was a late September into early October storm, and even though it could have been worse we still received quite a bit of rain. We still need to be prepared.

We may not have had a lot of rain lately, but it hasn’t been totally dry. We have had plenty of quick showers. These do not always drop a lot of rain (but sometimes they do), and they pass quickly. They usually don’t last long enough for people to pull out an umbrella or a poncho. They can, however, help the humidity level to go up. There can be several of them in a short period of time. That happened right before the final IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. There were several short showers in a period of about two hours.

There is one thing that you need to remember if you are visiting when there has not been a lot of rain. If it’s been dry, there is a greater chance of wildfires. These can be scary! They spread quickly, and it is not uncommon for a major road to shut down because of a fire. Many times a wildfire near a highway started because someone threw a lit cigarette out the window. If you smoke, please don’t ever do that.

The weather in Florida is crazy, no matter what time of year you visit. Check the forecast right before you leave home, and throw some cheap ponchos into your bag, even if there is a low chance of rain. I’ve seen it rain when the forecast said that there was a zero percent chance. The forecast can be wrong, you want to be prepared.