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Ten Second Tip: Fireworks Testing Tonight

The sky will light up tonight, but there’s a catch… 

Disney has announced that tonight, November 16, they will be testing fireworks at the Magic Kingdom from 10:00 until midnight. This does not mean that fireworks will be back soon. Rumor has it that the testing is somehow related to the 50th Anniversary celebration, but that is not even close to being official.

The announcement is below. You can read it from the source here. I live close enough that  I can faintly hear the fireworks (but not see them) from the Magic Kingdom. It’s not an inconvenience, as they state below.

We will be conducting some routine fireworks testing around different areas of Magic Kingdom Park this Monday night, Nov. 16, from 10 p.m. to midnight. We will do our best to keep noise at a minimum and apologize to our neighbors and Guests for this late-night inconvenience. As a reminder, fireworks performances and other nighttime spectaculars in our parks remain temporarily unavailable until further notice.